TOWNSEND -- Voters cheered after they unanimously voted for a nonbinding resolution to oppose the natural-gas pipeline.

Selectmen called a Special Town Meeting after more than 200 citizens signed a petition to vote on a resolution opposing the Tennessee Gas Pipeline proposed by Kinder Morgan Energy Partners.

The pipeline would run from Wright, N.Y., to Dracut through private property, as well as town-owned conservation lands in Townsend and neighboring towns.

"We are sending a message to Kinder Morgan that we don't want this in our town," said Selectman Colin McNabb.

The meeting drew182 residents who voted yes to move forward with the resolution. The room went silent when Moderator John Barrett asked if anyone wanted to vote against going forward with it.

Selectman Carolyn Smart said she had a good feeling the vote would be unanimous Thursday night.

She also said that now Kinder Morgan knows the town's stance, the next step would be for the company to file an application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. FERC is an independent agency that regulates the transmission of natural gas, oil and electricity.

"I was pleasantly surprised at the vote; usually one or two people oppose but today it was unanimous," said Selectman Sue Lisio.

Resident Emily Norton has been very involved in the anti-pipeline movement in Townsend. She organized a speaker and movie series at the Townsend Library to inform people on natural-gas pipelines.


She said it was important for her to make the pipeline known in her town.

Norton, along with 81 other residents, marched to the Statehouse on Wednesday to join neighboring towns in rallying against the 179-mile pipeline.

"It's so wonderful that the town is united," said Norton.

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