LOWELL -- A 46-year-old Lowell man accused of dragging his unconscious German shepherd puppy by a leash during the Lowell Folk Festival a year ago was given a suspended sentence on Tuesday after pleading guilty to animal cruelty.

In Lowell District Court Monday, Carl Manherz was sentenced to six months in jail, suspended for a year while he is on probation, prosecutor Rachel Perlman said.

As part of the plea, Manherz forfeited ownership of the dog, Kinoka, Perlman said.

Police say Kinoka, then a puppy, appeared to be unconscious and was being dragged on its side on July 27, 2013, police said.

Bystanders and emergency personnel aided Kinoka, who was later placed in the care of a family for adoption, Perlman said.

Manherz, who was allegedly unsteady on his feet, slurred his words as he told police the puppy was sleeping. He allegedly told police he had been giving the puppy beer to drink throughout the hot day.

While the case was pending, a condition of his release was that he remain alcohol-free. In May, a judge ordered him to either go to detox or jail after he admitted drinking a dozen beers.

His attorney suggested that instead of jail, Manherz be allowed to complete a detox program at Tewksbury State Hospital and participate in after-care.