If Weird Al Yankovic shopped at Market Basket, he might have slapped together "Food," the Market Basket protest anthem now making the rounds.

Created by the Merrimack Valley-based band Monkey Knife Fight, "Food" is a parody of "Rude" by the Canadian band, Magic! and details the struggles of Market Basket customers attempting to find a grocery alternative as the stores' employees led a boycott to protest the firing of former CEO Arthur T. Demoulas.

"This one goes out to all our fellow Market Basketeers with no place to call home right now," singer Felipe Collazo says at the start of the video, which was posted to YouTube Thursday.

The video's views immediately spiked, distributed by Market Basket employees and their supporters.

"Saturday morning go to the Basket, my fridge has no food," the song begins, "Need to buy yogurt and baby carrots, I need my orange juice. Walked in the store came out empty handed, now can I ask you a question? What do I do, got no backup plan yeah. Will I just go hungry for the rest of my life? Say no say no, where do I need to go. If you say Stop and Shop I much rather die. And if you say Shaw's the answer's still no. Where am I gonna buy my food ..."