My adventure in Dracut politics has been such a learning experience. I wonder how long has it been since the people of Dracut started worrying about how they are perceived in "town."

What worries me is the fact that though this proposed natural-gas pipeline is going through 26-plus towns where there is huge support to stop this pipeline, hardly any of the citizens here will stand up and help because we are afraid of what others think. What I hear from people in town is that there is no way to stop this. We have to accept the fact that could be true. But that is such a defeatist attitude.

I ask, is there any way I can rouse you to fight this? Would our town rather just let this happen, forget about all the dangers and repercussions of a pipeline that is being put through our friends' and families' properties simply for export to Europe? This is ridiculous.

When do we just say stop destroying our land for your profit? How do we allow this to happen? And are we so afraid of who we will tick off in town, or how we will be perceived, that we will just let this happen here?

Bob and I will proceed with this event, "Rolling March to Stop the Pipeline." Those who do want to stop the pipeline are working diligently across the state.

These people have gathered more than 10,000 signatures that will be delivered to the Statehouse on July 30.

They have worked 24/7 to try to find the elusive facts, to pound on doors making people aware, to challenge the politicians to stand up to big oil.

They have walked across the state and I will not let them down on the 26th when they arrive here.


The end, regardless of what anyone is thinking, is here in Dracut simply because the pipeline ends here.

I don't care about town politics. I have told people over and over this is not a political issue for me. I know that out there somewhere there are people who believe that same as I do.

Who will take some time to try to fight this? How will we ever stop it if we do not work together throughout Dracut? If we do not join together?

I ask you today, what is the reason you are here on this page? And, will you help out in Dracut?