LOWELL -- Dan Lahiff submitted his resignation as Lowell Regional Water Utility Executive Director on Friday, a source confirmed to The Sun.

Lahiff had been asked late Wednesday to resign by Friday or be terminated.

The ultimatum to Lahiff was delivered late Wednesday by Department of Public Works Commissioner Ralph Snow, Lahiff's supervisor, on behalf of City Manager Kevin Murphy.

Lahiff was forced to step down in the midst of an ongoing investigation into why some residents are receiving exorbitant water bills.

His forced resignation also comes after he issued to employees a memo warning that they could be fired for sharing or discussing billing information, a directive he did not run by Murphy or the city solicitor.

Lahiff was tapped by then-City Manager John Cox to become the Water Utility's executive director in 2003, replacing the retiring Edmund Tarmey.

He began work in Lowell in 1989 and his budgeted salary in the current fiscal year is $101,703.

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