TEWKSBURY -- Kevin Giacomello's Sunday afternoon was a little more exciting than he had planned.

While helping clean up brush in his parents' home off Chandler Street, soon to go on the market, Giacomello started burning some branches in the yard. The 33-year-old said he was across the yard when he watched a spark dance across the fence and land in his next-door neighbor's yard. The nearby bushes went up instantly in flames. An old tree nearby then began to follow suit.

"Our neighbor was out back," he said, motioning over to another house, "and I yelled to her to call the fire department. ... I ran over with the hose because everything was going so fast."

Giacomello, a native of the town, said he knew there was no time to waste.

He grabbed a gardening hose and worked to put out the small brush fire himself. He had fears for the neighbor's shed right next to the brush going up.

At about 3:30 p.m., engines from the Tewksbury Fire Department reported they were en route to the home, but the scene was already under control due to Giacomello's efforts.

"I was freaking out," he said, as he worked to wet down the rest of the bushes with a bright green hose.

Firefighters joined in with the resident to wet down the rest of the yard upon their arrival. Giacomello then called some friends over, still shaken up by the incident. He laughed to himself, saying he and his brother, Jason, both applied a few years ago to become firefighters in Nashua, N.H.


"The bushes were so dry. It just went up so quick," he said. "It was scary. It was definitely scary. ... I raced."

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