Carl Manherz
Carl Manherz

LOWELL -- A 46-year-old Lowell man accused of dragging his unconscious German Shepherd puppy by a leash during the Lowell Folk Festival last year must complete a detox program or go to jail.

Carl K. Manherz was arrested Wednesday night, and allegedly told police he has drank a 12-pack of beer. Manherz remains free during the animal-cruelty case provided he does not drink.

Prosecutor Rachel Perlman asked that Manherz be held without bail. Defense attorney Thomas Combs argued that Manherz poses no danger to society to warrant him being held without bail. Instead, Combs suggested Manherz complete a detox program at Tewksbury State Hospital and after-care.

Judge Ellen Caulo agreed with Combs, adding the conditions that Manherz also abstain from alcohol, submit to random screens and attend five Alcoholics Anonymous meetings per week.

Manherz was charged with animal cruelty last July 27. The puppy, named "Kinoka," appeared to be unconscious and was being dragged on it side, police said.

Bystanders and emergency personnel aided Kinoka, who was later placed in the care of a family, Perlman said.

Manherz, who was unsteady on his feet and reeked of alcohol, slurred his words as he told police the puppy was sleeping. He allegedly told police he had been giving the puppy beer to drink throughout the hot day.