PELHAM -- Three teens who floated out into Long Pond to better catch fish on Friday night had to be fished from the water themselves.

Now they are facing criminal charges.

According to police, an officer responding to a call about teens on the beach spotted the teens on the water but thought they were floating on a raft at first. That "raft" turned out to a section of town-owned dock the teens had loosened to float out and catch more fish, police said in a statement on Saturday.

"Once the dock was disconnected, it was quickly carried away from the shoreline by the wind," the statement said. "The three responsible individuals had no way of controlling or directing the dock as it drifted toward the middle portion of Long Pond."

The teens were brought to shore by a resident using a personal watercraft, police said.

Mario Aybar, 17, of Lowell, and Nicholas Bridge, 18, and Dakota Redding, 18, both of Dracut, are charged with criminal mischief. Bridge also is charged with transporting alcoholic beverages. They scheduled to appear at the 10th District Court-Salem on June 2.

The dock has been reattached, police said.