WESTFORD -- The Board of Health voted unanimously Monday to implement new tobacco regulations, which include restricting the sale of traditional and electronic cigarettes to those 21 and older.

The board began discussing these new regulations earlier this year. Chairman Zac Cataldo said the group was looking to bring the town on trend with several other places restricting the sale of tobacco. He pointed to CVS eliminating products from their shelves; Westford is now one of about a dozen communities in Massachusetts adopting similar bylaws.

The new regulations are a concern for some convenience stores in town who say this will hurt their business. Joel Farber, the owner of Nab's One Stop Shop, along with his son who works as manager there, Matt Farber, openly opposed the new regulations in the past few weeks. They said the loss of sales to people between 18 and 21 will hurt their business. According to state law, tobacco products may not be sold to anyone younger than 18, while there is no law governing the age at which e-cigarettes can be purchased. Most stores though, impose the 18-and-older rule on their own.

The town's new policy on tobacco and e-cigarettes, which works with flavoring and nicotine, will be adopted June 1. Stores may no longer hold tastings or sell individual cigars for less than $2.50 as well, among other items stipulated in the law.


Officials say this is to limit the number of tobacco products getting to youngsters.

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