As chairman of the Board of Selectmen in Dracut, I am disheartened by the recent information printed, both in the column and on blogs, that puts doubt in our residents' minds about the integrity of the process of hiring a new town manager.

Let me begin by saying that this is truly speculative on the authors' parts, and to my knowledge the individuals on the search committee and the board members responsible for the final vote were not politically motivated in making their final decision. By hiring the Collins Center and by creating a search committee of qualified residents, the board members at the time felt we did our due diligence providing every effort to not have the process politically trained.

It was very clear to the search committee and to the town manager candidates that the Dracut personnel and the citizens will not tolerate a political figure at the helm. We, in fact, want a professional who can keep political nuances away from the daily business of Dracut.

We were fortunate with the tenure of our last town manager, Dennis Piendak, who treated the job as a thorough professional, and we have come to expect the same from his successors. Ann Vandal has done an extraordinary job as our acting town manager and brings the same level of professionalism to her job daily.

I feel that the criticism of the process, and to Tom Bomil, specifically was unwarranted.


I feel confident in assuring our residents that the process was done with every professional courtesy possible. It is my hope that the journalists at The Sun will be reminded that information printed should be researched and validated before starting a gossip mill that ultimately hurts our staff, and taints the beginning tenure of a new town manager.

Jim Duggan should be afforded the opportunity to start fresh in Dracut without a cloud of gossip over him. We look forward to welcoming Mr. Duggan to Dracut and would hope that a professional courtesy of an apology be extended to him, Mr. Bomil and the members of our search committee.


Dracut Board of Selectmen