A sinkhole has opened up in Tyngsboro. Contributed photo.
A sinkhole has opened up in Tyngsboro. Contributed photo.

TYNGSBORO -- Unfortunately, the large sinkhole that closed Boston Road in Chelmsford on Sunday is not the only sinkhole to destroy a local road.

Tyngsboro Police Chief Richard Howe says a large, and growing, sinkhole has forced the closure of Massapoag Road near the Dunstable town line, and that the road will be closed until Monday at the very least.

Howe said it appears a broken pipe under the road is forcing water to find another way to cross the road, and that the water is washing the road away from underneath.

"There's basically a river coming across the road," Howe said. "It's washing out the road more by the moment."

Howe said crews tried dumping stones into the hole to slow its growth with little success.

Howe said Massapoag Road is closed to anyone who doesn't live there, and that there is no way to detour around the scene.

Massapoag Road stretches from Groton Road in Tyngsboro to the town line, where it becomes Pond Street in Dunstable. Dunstable Police said Pond Street remains open, but it is closed at the town line.

Howe said a police officer will be stationed on scene overnight to keep people away, and he encouraged curious residents to stay away.

"It's dangerous," Howe said. "It's being eroded from underneath the road and it's a dangerous situation. We expect more rain tonight and we expect it to get worse."

The closure will last until at least Monday, though it could last longer, Howe warned.

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