LOWELL -- She claims that early Sunday morning he knocked her down causing, her to hit her head to the point of concussion and then threatened to kill her. He alleges she stabbed him.

But in Lowell District Court on Monday, Victor Escotto, 20, of Lowell, didn't help his case when he swore at the judge then shouted at the pregnant victim, "You'll get yours."

In Lowell District Court, Escotto was ordered held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing scheduled for Wednesday after pleading not guilty to aggravated assault and battery and threats to commit a crime.

Judge Thomas Brennan also revoked Escotto's bail on a pending case and found him in violation of probation, holding him without bail on both.

In the latest case, prosecutor Phil Cheng alleges that on Sunday morning, Escotto went to his pregnant ex-girlfriend's apartment and the couple began arguing over a cell phone. Escotto allegedly pushed the victim, who fell back and hit her head on a table. Escotto allegedly grabbed her by the throat, while reaching into a kitchen drawer that had knives, and cut himself in the process, Cheng said.

Police noted the victim had some bruising and a bump on her head. She began to show signs of a concussion when she began vomiting. She was taken to the hospital for observation.


In front of police who responded, Escotto allegedly to his ex-girlfriend, "It's not over. You guys are going to have to scrape her off the street when I get out."

But defense attorney Glen Randall argued that the allegedly victim stabbed Escotto in the head and stabbed him other times, but his client was arrested.

In addition to the criminal charges, the alleged victim obtained a one-year restraining order against Escotto.

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