LOWELL -- Felony charges have been dropped against a 39-year-old Billerica man whom prosecutors allege burst into a neighbor's home last September and assaulted the male tenants he alleged were smoking marijuana with his 18-year-old daughter.

In Lowell District Court on Tuesday, prosecutors dropped charges of home invasion, malicious destruction of property, assault dangerous weapon, and intimidation of a witness (four counts) against Adam L. LaGross, of 11 Meadowbank Road.

LaGross was placed on pretrial probation until March 5, 2015 on charges of assault and battery, malicious destruction of property, and threats (four counts). As part of his probation, LaGross must complete an anger-management program and stay away from the alleged victims.

Prosecutor Christopher Minue argued that on Sept. 7, 2013, Billerica police responded to the victims' home for a past disturbance. The alleged victims told police the girl came over uninvited and began to smoke pot with them. LaGross denied any violence or making any threats, according to his attorney.

LaGross found his daughter across the street smoking pot with the neighbors. His daughter has "severely limited" maturity, the defense attorney said.

"He ordered his daughter home and told them (the alleged victims) if they ever gave her marijuana again he'd call the police," according to his attorney.