LOWELL -- The city will receive $200,000 to renovate three parks in the Highlands and Acre areas, officials announced on Friday morning

Mayor Rodney Elliott and state Rep. Kevin Murphy accepted the check from Susan Hamilton, northeast director of the state Department of Conservation and Recreation. The money will go toward improvements at Highland-Daley Field (behind James S. Daley Middle School on Fleming Street), Koumantzelis Park on Pawtucket Street, and Hadley Park on Middlesex Street.

Specifically, a new street hockey court will be installed behind Daley School, because that sport is growing there. New basketball and handball courts are also expected to go in, making the area a newly renovated sports complex. New basketball courts and skate parks will be installed Koumantzelis Park and Hadley Park. The Koumantzelis Park will be renovated.

"These parks are used every day, so that's why we want to continue to preserve them," Elliott said.

State Rep. David Nangle said there will never be enough done to maintain the quality of parks in inner-city neighborhoods. Th parks will provide environmental, social and health benefits for the children using them, he said.

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