LOWELL -- City Councilor Dan Rourke is requesting that the City Council on Tuesday again vote on a proposed appointment to the Pollard Memorial Library of Board of Trustees that was previously tabled.

Rourke is requesting the council "take from the table" City Manager Bernie Lynch's proposed appointment of Salmira Mitchell.

The council voted 5-4 two weeks ago to table the appointment.

Rourke voted along with Mayor Rodney Elliott and Councilors Corey Belanger, Ed Kennedy and Rita Mercier to table the appointment, an action proposed by Mercier.

Voting in opposition were Councilors John Leahy, Bill Martin, James Milinazzo and William Samaras.

After the vote, the council voted to approve a Planning Board appointment and a Zoning Board of Appeals alternate appointment.

Rourke then tried to untable the Mitchell appointment at the meeting, but was told he had to wait until a future meeting.

Rourke said he let his disappointment that Lynch brought any appointments forward get the best of him. On Friday, the councilor said he wants to make amends for his previous vote on the Mitchell matter.

"I believe I made a mistake, and I'm trying to correct it," said Rourke. "We will go from there."

Mitchell is a mental-health worker at Tewksbury Hospital. She also is the wife of blogger Jack Mitchell, best known for referring to the city's neighborhood groups as the "Taliban."

The council voted 8-1 this past Tuesday to approve Elliott's motion requesting Lynch hold off on further appointments as he prepares to step down March 10.


The lone vote in opposition to Elliott's motion was that of Councilor James Milinazzo. As Milinazzo highlighted Tuesday night, he had voted eight years ago to ask then-City Manager John Cox to hold off on appointments in his final months.

Milinazzo said he was opposed this time around because he believed Elliott's motion was a violation of the city's Plan E charter, which says the council is not supposed to interfere with appointments.

"In this business, you can't have a do-over, but in thinking about it, I'm not sure that was the right vote for me back eight years ago," said Milinazzo, who had led the charge to ask Lynch to stay on longer. "I guess I'm not being consistent because I'm not going to support this motion."

Also switching sides from eight years ago was Mercier. She did not comment on Elliott's motion Tuesday night.

Lynch he thought Elliott's request was a violation of the charter, but said he would adhere to the council's wishes.

"I concur with the notion we should let the next manager make those appointments and I have no intention of bringing any other appointments in at this time," Lynch said Tuesday.

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