WESTFORD -- Officials have finalized a proposed bylaw regulating dispensaries for medical marijuana, which residents can expect to vote on at spring Town Meeting.

The article, drafted by the Marijuana Dispensaries Advisory Committee, will be reviewed by the Planning Board and be subject to public hearings

The town is reacting to a statewide moratorium on siting dispensaries that expires in June. Five dispensary licenses will available in Middlesex County. No one has applied for a site in Westford so far.

The article approved by the committee on Thursday morning states:

* Only one dispensary will be allowed in town.

* It will be limited to an overlay zoning district to be established near the Route 110 corridor.

* The dispensary must be set distances from buildings with youth inside, like schools and extracurricular activity studios.

* Police will have a large say in site security and monitoring.

* Security cameras must be in place, and store data for 180 days.

* The area around the building must be lit adequately.

* Members of the public must not be allowed to observe operations.

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