"It's an unfortunate circumstance that's nobody's fault," Nashoba Tech head coach Rob Beaudette said. "The important thing is that we are going to play the game on Friday at 11. The seniors deserve to have their last game, and that's the important thing. Both coaches were on board with what was going to happen."

Despite the disappointment of turning off the motivation, both coaches believe the players will arrive ready to play with high intensity Friday.

"Every kid is jacked up," Beaudette said. "It's Thanksgiving. For 12 of our guys and (13) of their guys, it's the last game they're going to put the shoulder pads on. They were ready to go tonight, and I know turning toward Friday, they are going to be ready to go again."

The postponement gives injured Monty Tech starting quarterback Tony Webb a couple more days of recovery. Sallila expects the senior captain to be ready to play on Friday, and says he would have been ready for Wednesday, as well.

"Webb's ready to go," Sallila said. "We've had plenty of time to get ready for this, but now we've got to get ready to go for Friday."