Kids can be a bit insufferable during the holiday season — repeatedly asking “Are we there yet?” on the drive to Grandma's or whining about boredom while you frantically bake and clean in preparation of a hoard of hungry dinner guests.

But who can blame them? The anticipation of playing with cousins and loading up on pumpkin pie (and more importantly, whipped cream) is enough to make us all a little giddy.

Instead of sticking your head in the oven, arm yourself with some digital entertainment that will occupy them and buy yourself a few more minutes of prep time or road trip peace.

Here are five apps and sites to check out:

1. Step off: The good folks of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (9 a.m. EST on NBC) offer up three parade-related games on their site, which can be played while your kids keep an eye out for the Snoopy Balloon and old Kris Kringle himself. Re-create iconic parade pictures in Parade Puzzler, help Frieda the inflatable wiener dog collect balloons in The Great Parade Dash or match parade balloons on