Ben Williams  with  sandwiches and salads and fries at Marko’s Mediterranean Grill in Lowell.
Ben Williams with sandwiches and salads and fries at Marko's Mediterranean Grill in Lowell.
  • Where to

Marko's Mediterranean Grill, a year-round food truck (well, it's more of a trailer, really), stationed at the end of Summer Street in Lowell. While the grill has only been serving the Mill City for a year, it still operates its flagship eatery at Italy's Aviano Air Force Base as it has for 14 years. The Italy location is run by Benjamin Williams' business partner, and the grill's namesake, Marko Mazzocco.

  • What for

Greek-American fusion cuisine. Says Williams, the menu only boasts eight dishes and speaks to the Marko's motto: "We don't do much but what we do, we do well."

Marko’s Super Salad
Marko's Super Salad
  • The scene

The white 24-foot by 8.5-foot trailer bears orange and blue stripes. A small wooden shack was erected around the shop's ordering counter so the business can run year-round and during inclement weather. Three picnic tables are set up on the lawn in front of the eatery.


  • What you're eating

The Grilled "Gyro" (pronounced Euro or Hiro). Unlike the traditional Greek Gyro, Williams opts to make his with dry-rub chicken (marinated for 24 hours) instead of lamb. "Lamb is gamey and the flavor doesn't fit the average palate ... it's Greek-American fusion, there's nothing traditional about it," Williams said. There is one tradition at Marko's, however -- the eatery has been using the same recipes since it opened in 2000.

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The chicken is stuffed into freshly baked pita bread -- it's so fresh that it's pretty much baked to order -- and topped with vine tomatoes, Spanish sweet onions, and a homemade yogurt-cucumber-garlic sauce. The Monster Fries live up to their name and tower high over all of the Gyro ingredients triple-layered between Marko's signature fries, which are tossed with a 15-spice blend. Looking for something lighter? Go for the Mediterranean Grilled Power Salad. (note: in true food truck fashion, all meals are prepared in less than five minutes.)

  • Who you'll see there

Local businesspeople often stop by Marko's for lunch but expect to see children and families walk over from the nearby pool to order some fries to-go. Williams said he likes to see Greek patrons from Lowell's Acre community so he can share with them his twist on their favorite classic dishes.

Marko's Mediterranean Grill, 291 Summer St., Lowell, Mon.-Fri., 11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., Saturday, 11:30-2 p.m. (Check the Marko's Facebook page on the weekends, occasionally Williams and his crew will take a Saturday off.)