UMass Lowell and Greentown Labs announced a new partnership focused on renewable energy. Here from left, state Rep. Tom Golden, UMass Lowell Vice
UMass Lowell and Greentown Labs announced a new partnership focused on renewable energy. Here from left, state Rep. Tom Golden, UMass Lowell Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation Julie Chen, Greentown Labs CEO Emily Reichert, Jessi Duston and UMass Lowell Prof. Chris Niezrecki.

SOMERVILLE -- A new partnership between UMass Lowell and Greentown Labs is aimed at advancing renewable energy across the state, both from an economic and consumer perspective, according to officials.

Leaders from the organizations were officially announcing the three-year partnership at an event Thursday at Greentown Labs -- the 100,000-square-foot Somerville campus, which provides startups with a robust network of strategic partners, prototyping lab space, electronics shop, office space for more than 450 entrepreneurs and more.

The partnership will uncover and create opportunities for collaboration among the Greentown Labs startup community and UMass Lowell's community of students, faculty and researchers.

The organizations will focus on academic and research projects, entrepreneurial ventures and economic development activities. UMass Lowell joins Greentown Labs as a Gigawatt-level sponsor, which is the second-highest level of sponsor engagement with the incubator.

"UMass Lowell is engaged in research in all aspects of energy, from wind and solar power to energy storage, energy resiliency, cybersecurity and more," Julie Chen, UMass Lowell vice chancellor for research and innovation, said in a statement. "The new partnership with Greentown Labs will leverage UMass Lowell's research knowledge, resources and facilities to build university-industry partnerships leading to the next generation of energy systems as well as bringing economic development to the Commonwealth.



Lowell Rep. Tom Golden was instrumental in putting this together in his role as chairman of the Legislature's Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy. He called UMass Lowell a "leader in higher education."

"I hope people continue to see the viability and the opportunity that UMass Lowell has to offer," Golden said.

The UMass Lowell partnership is the third formal engagement Greentown Labs has with universities in Massachusetts. The increasing interactions with higher education institutions highlights the growing trend of public-private partnerships aimed at identifying solutions to mitigate climate change.

"UMass Lowell is a well-respected research leader across the energy, robotics, electronics and public health sectors and has many impressive research facilities across its campus," Emily Reichert, CEO of Greentown Labs, said in a statement. "The Greentown Labs and UMass Lowell communities have shared values around collaboration, support, and innovation and we're eager to see the many engagement opportunities that are sure to result from our partnership!"