Jason Sayer in Lowell District Court on Wednesday.sun/lisa redmondSun staff photos can be ordered by visiting our SmugMug site.
Jason Sayer in Lowell District Court on Wednesday. sun/lisa redmond

Sun staff photos can be ordered by visiting our SmugMug site.

LOWELL -- A 32-year-old Dracut man was released without bail Wednesday after pleading not guilty to possession with intent to distribute a Class B drug after Dracut police found a bag with they said was 221 Oxycodone pills on the backseat floor of a police cruiser where the man had been sitting.

A day later, Jason Sayer was back in court to be arraigned on a charge of distribution of Oxycodone, this time as a result of a July 24 warrant from Dracut police and the federal Drug Enforcement Agency that had been conducting surveillance on Sayer's 51 Mill St. home.

Sayer was released without bail again.

In the July case, Dracut police and DEA officials suspected drug activity at Sayer's home, so they set up surveillance. One of the people seen entering and quickly leaving Sayer's home was stopped after he left. The man told police he bought six Oxycodone pills from "Jay" for $210. The man, whose identity was withheld from court documents, told police he purchased pills from "Jay" once or twice a week for two months, police allege.

Dracut police said Sayer was arrested Tuesday on a warrant on multiple motor-vehicle offenses.

As Sayer was being arrested, he was searched for weapons and contraband, and nothing was found so he was transported via cruiser to the Dracut Police Station for booking.

After Sayer was removed from the vehicle and taken into the station, the officer inspected the rear prison-seating area of the cruiser and found on the floor a baggie with 221 Oxycodone pills.


Police allege Sayer used his foot to wedge the bag under the front seat. Sayer also had $612 in cash on him.

Defense attorney Sonya Brown successfully argued for Sayer's release on Wednesday noting that he is a former Marine, who works for a company that installs field turf, including the turf at Lowell's Cawley Stadium.

Brown said there is a real question of the chain-of-custody for the drugs since Sayer was searched and nothing was found on him.

Sayer's next court date is Sept. 24 for a pretrial conference.